Schedule your vehicle’s first service in Fredericksburg, Va

Your first vehicle service is FREE at Safford!

Introducing Safford Pitstop! After a year of holding Car Care Clinics for Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram owners in the Fredericksburg, Va area we have learned a lot. To continue to bring owners helpful services, we are starting our Pitstop service here at Safford of Fredericksburg.

One of the most asked questions at our Car Care Clinics was when to get your first service. Today’s vehicles are very complex machines. They learn the way you drive, adapt to the conditions that you drive in, and as a result, figuring out when your first service should be is a bit tough.

When you purchase a new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned vehicle from Safford of Fredericksburg we will automatically set your first service appointment. We schedule your first appointment approximately 30days after your delivery date.

Why is my first service 30 days after delivery?

We schedule your first service at the 30-day mark because that gives you and the car 30 days of driving to start to adapt to you. In the first 30 days, you will likely experience most, if not all, of the driving conditions that you normally drive in. You will also have certainly realized that you have some questions about your car and how things work. So, by doing your first appointment at 30 days, we can answer all of those questions and make sure your vehicle isn’t having any problems early on in your ownership.

What should I expect when I come in for my first service?

When you visit our Fredericksburg service department you will be met by a Mopar Certified and trained service advisor. He or she will check on your car and ask you some basic questions about your vehicle. He or she will also ask if you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle that need to be addressed. Once you are all checked in, one of our ASE-certified technicians will perform a quick Pitstop service. The technician will inspect all of your car’s major components, fluids, and computer system for any errors, adjustments, or updates that may be needed.

When the technician is finished, they will report back to the advisor on any adjustments made. The advisor and technician will come up with a solid maintenance plan for your vehicle. The plan will be unique to you and your driving habits, conditions, and style into account. Your total appointment time will be approximately 45 minutes.

If you would like more information or you need to schedule a Pitstop for your vehicle, give us a call at 540-369-3877 or visit Safford of Fredericksburg

What will be checked when I bring in my car?

Exterior light inspection and adjustment if needed:

  • Headlights
  • High Beams
  • Break lights
  • Reverse lights
  • Parking Lights
  • Turn signals

Tire Inspection:

  • Check air pressure and correct if needed
  • Measure tread depth
  • Inspect wear pattern for any irregularities
  • Inspect overall condition of tires

Fluid Inspection (condition and levels):

  • Inspect engine oil condition and oil life index to estimate when your oil and filter change will need to be performed
  • Engine coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Wiper fluid – top off if needed

Other Inspections

  • Windshield wiper condition and operation
  • Malfunction light Quick-Scan/Advisement
  • Battery Check
  • Visual inspection of engine air filter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What if I didn’t buy my car from Safford?
A: We’ve got you covered. Even if you didn’t buy your vehicle from Safford of Fredericksburg give us a call and we can set up a FREE Pitstop service for you and your vehicle.
Q: What if I perform an upgrade like a lift kit?
A: If you perform an upgrade like a lift kit, lowering kit, or headlight swap you should contact us about setting up a Pitstop. Modifications like these can affect the way that your tires, brakes, and suspension wear. You may need to adjust service interval timing to factor in the extra stress on these components. You may also need other adjustments such as headlight re-aiming or ECU remapping for different wheel sizes. Set up an appointment and let us check things out.
Q: I use my vehicle as a commercial vehicle, does it still qualify?
A: Absolutely! The Pitstop service is very important for commercial vehicles. Everything on your vehicle is preset with zero load or stress in mind. Once you start adding payloads, upfits, and trailers to your everyday usage they will affect your vehicle. By having everything checked after 30 days we can catch and adjust minor issues before they become expensive issues.
Q: I normally tow a trailer everyday, should I bring that with me?
A: Yes, if you normally tow a trailer, bring the vehicle in with the trailer so that we can factor in the extra stress on the vehicle and make sure things like your headlights are properly aimed.
Q: I had my Pitstop done a year ago but now my driving conditions and habits have changed, can I get another one done?
A: Yes, if your situation has changed let us know. We are here to make sure that your vehicle is in top running condition and is in safe working order.