Safford of Fredericksburg Jeep Fans Experience Features Made for the Extreme Outdoors

April 17th, 2018 by

jeep experience Jeep Fans Experience Features Made for the Extreme Outdoors

At Safford of Fredericksburg, our Jeep dealer serving Fredericksburg, we understand how vital it is to be prepared for Mother Nature’s mercurial personality changes. From the rain to the snow, to off-roading in the mountainous or muddy terrains, Jeep has your back with its generous array of features to always keep you up and running.


The 2015 Jeep Cherokee now features exclusive front and rear independent suspensions that deliver exceptional driving dynamics. Most of the Cherokee’s body structure is constructed of high-strength steel, increasing rigidity to provide a resilient, lightweight, yet solid automobile architecture.

The Cherokee’s all-new 16-valve engine features cutting-edge technologies that include durable variable timing and a flow-control valve intake manifold which makes this model more efficient than previous Cherokees. This model achieves 31 highway miles per gallon when joined to the class-executive nine-speed automatic transmission.

Fredericksburg area Jeep fans can experience the single speed Active Drive 4×4 system with brake traction control with all-weather capability—and we know they will love it. To improve fuel efficiency, the rear axle disconnect feature only engages the 4×4 system when necessary.

 On any road, in any environment, the 2015 Jeep Cherokee can perform under every circumstance with the Trail Rated® Trailhawk®. Also available in the Trailhawk®, for your benefit, is the Selec-Terrain® traction control system that provides five useful settings: Auto, Snow, Sport, Sand/Mud, and Rock—or, every landscape you could possibly imagine. Auto is an inclusive 4×4 performance for any weather condition, any road, anytime.

Don’t let Mother Nature deter you from your plans—get out there and take her on, one season at a time. Visit us at our Fredericksburg area Jeep dealer to prepare for the never-ending battle by test driving a 2015 Cherokee. Give us a call at call (540) 898-7200


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