Remember These Important Winter Driving Tips

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Winter Driving Tips

The weather sure has been crazy lately, right? One day, the sun is shining, and the next it’s freezing. With the way it’s going, it just might be a wild winter in Fredericksburg. You have to be extra careful when driving in the ice and the snow. Follow some winter driving tips, so you’ll stay on the road and get to your destination safely.

Avoid Using Cruise Control

Who doesn’t love cruise control? It’s nice to set it and forget about it, but avoid using it when it’s slippery out. If you have cruise control set, your vehicle will try to maintain the same speed, even if it hits a slippery surface. This could cause the vehicle to hydroplane.

Don’t Use Your Parking Brake

Did you know that the parking brake cable can actually freeze in cold weather? If you engage the parking brake, you might not be able to release it, so you’ll be stuck until the cable thaws out. If possible, avoid using this brake when it’s cold out. You might have to find a different parking spot, but it’s well worth the effort.

Take It Slow

If it’s snowy or icy out, you need to take it easy when you accelerate and decelerate. If you go too quickly, you could lose control of the vehicle. Move slowly so that your tires can maintain traction.

Keep a Safe Distance

When it’s nice out, you just need to maintain a following distance of 3–4 seconds. That changes when it’s icy and snowy, though. Keep following distance of at least eight seconds, so you will have more time to stop. You can’t stop nearly as quickly in the ice and snow, and that extra space can prevent an accident.

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Prepare for Hills

It’s hard to get up a snowy and icy hill. If you pound on the gas while on the hill, your wheels will likely spin out. Instead, gather up a bit of speed before you make it to the hill and use that momentum to give you the power necessary to make it up the hill. This will also keep you from having to stop on the hill. That can be very dangerous when it’s snowy and icy. You could actually end up rolling back down the hill, and that could cause a serious accident.

You’re ready to drive in the winter months. You just need a vehicle, and you’ll be all set. Safford CJDR of Fredericksburg in Fredericksburg, Virginia, has a huge variety of vehicles, so stop by and check them out. We can even help you pick out something that is perfect for driving in the winter months.

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