It’s Easy for Richmond Dodge Drivers To Check Tire Pressure

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Tire Pressure

After the long harsh winter that Richmond Dodge drivers just experienced, it’s nice to feel the warm sunshine and see things coming to life again. Spring is a great time to take stock of your vehicle’s condition as you get ready for weekend outings and trips, but an area that is often overlooked is tire pressure.

Checking your tire pressure is not very difficult or overly complicated, yet most drivers do not do it as often as they should considering how important having the proper tire pressure is for fuel-efficiency and safety. Our Richmond area Dodge dealer is here to break down just how easy it is so you can make sure you are properly inflated and ready to hit the road.

Under Pressure

To start, all you need is an air pressure gauge to get a reading on your tires, which will only cost you a few bucks. Many new Dodge models in Richmond offer available tire pressure monitoring systems, which eliminate the need for even this simple tool. Once you have it, all you have to do is remove the air cap from the tire and place the pressure gauge over the valve stem. It will give you a reading in PSI (Pounds per square inch).

Once you have this number you can reference your driver’s manual to see what the recommended levels are. The right level changes for each model so you want to make sure you get it right as under-inflated tires wear out the tire walls and over-inflated tires will wear down the tread faster. You should always check the tire pressure when your tires are cold. This means at least three hours after it was last driven in order to get an accurate reading.

Now that you’ve got an accurate reading, all you need is an air source to inflate the tires. Most gas stations have an air hose available that allows you to inflate your tires, although our Richmond are Dodge service center recommends keeping a portable air pump in your vehicle at all times in case of an emergency. Hook the air hose up and wait for it to get within the proper PSI range and you’re good to go. It’s better to do it on a level surface so you can make sure each tire has the same PSI for a smoother, more fuel-efficient driving experience.

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