Best Tips for Handling Slick & Icy Winter Road Conditions

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Best Tips for Handling Slick & Icy

Out of all of the seasons of the year, winter is one every driver can agree upon as the worst. With the unpredictable weather patterns such as snow and sleet and the invisible and dangerous black ice that comes from low temperatures, winter can make driving no fun at all. But at our Jeep dealer serving King George, we want to help you stay safe on the wintery roadways, so here are some driving tips to follow!

Always Keep Your Gas Tank Half Full

One of the biggest factors to consider when winter driving is the possibility is that anything can happen at any time. Whether it´s snow or below freezing conditions overnight, you want to make sure that you´re ready. Having a full to half full tank of gas at all times is something you can do to be ready. There´s nothing worse than running out of gas, and desperately looking for a gas station while driving through poor winter conditions could be a nightmare.

If Driving in Snow, Proceed Slowly

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There is nothing fun about driving in snow, period. While it may be fun for snowball fights and building igloos, the snow on the road is not your friend. When packed down on unpaved roads, it can be slippery and render your car uncontrollable. That´s why it is essential that if you have to drive in the snow, that you drive slowly and carefully. This will make it easier to control your vehicle.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated

Like anything else, cold and freezing temperatures affect your tires and their air pressures. The lower temperatures will often make your deflate, as the movement of air particles slows down. That´s why most tires will have a different and higher tire pressure figure for winter. This helps avoid deflations and helps you keep control on the road.

Our Jeep Dealer Serving King George Wants You to Drive Safely This Winter

There are a lot of other important factors to remember in the winter months. To learn more about what you can do while behind the wheel or to better prepare your car for winter driving, call our King George area Jeep parts center at Safford Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Fredericksburg at (877) 893 7491 today!

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