2017 RAM 1500 vs 2017 Silverado 1500

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2017 RAM 1500

When you’re shopping for your next pre-owned truck, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible vehicle to fit your everyday needs. Features like interior, reliability, and performance, and other key factors are crucial in making the right decision for your lifestyle. That’s why our friends at USA News have put together this helpful comparison between the 2017 RAM 1500 and the 2017 Silverado 1500.


Considered to have the nicer interior, the 2017 RAM 1500 features a 3-person bench seat upfront, as well as a secondary bench seat in the rear on Double Cab and Crew Cab models. Although the RAM 1500 does not come standard with an infotainment system, higher-level trims feature an 8.4-inch display with voice recognition and navigation.

The 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 also features a front bench seat with an added bench seat in the rear for double cab models. The 2017 Silverado comes standard with a 4.2-inch display complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that allows you to make and receive calls as well as control music all from the power of your fingertips.

Reliability & Performance

The 2017 RAM 1500 features a powerful V6 that delivers 305 horsepower. Optioning for the V8 trim will get you a 5.7-liter engine that pushes up to 395 horsepower. The 2017 RAM 1500 also offers an available air suspension system that makes this truck one of the smoothest rides in its class.

The 2017 Silverado comes standard with a V6 engine that delivers around 285 horsepower. The 2017 Silverado also has two V8 models to choose from, one with a 5.3-liter engine as well as a 6.2-liter engine. The larger of the two V8 engines pushes out upwards of 420 horsepower.

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The Verdict

Choosing the right truck to fit your everyday needs comes down to the individual. Features like interior, reliability, and performance, and other factors are important to determine the right vehicle for you. For more information, or to schedule a test drive, contact Safford CDJR of Fredericksburg.

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